Specialised Breeders Australia is the largest supplier of day old chicks and point of lay pullets to the Australian egg industry. Based close to the Victorian city of Bendigo and employing approximately 140 staff, SBA supplies the world’s leading layer breeds, Hy-Line® Brown and Lohmann Brown to Australian egg producers.

Regular importation of both Hy-Line and Lohmann genetic lines, combined with world class breeding, rearing, production and hatchery facilities ensure Specialised Breeders Australia consistently supply livestock of the highest quality to egg farms across Australia.

A team of Services Managers provide practical husbandry and technical support to customers nationwide.  

Specialised Breeders Australia is a quality assured poultry breeder and supplier in Australia, having received certification for Quality Assurance (AS/NZS ISO 9001) and Food Safety (HACCP).

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