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The Hy-Line Brown

The Hy-Line Brown is the result of Hy-Line Australia’s long history of genetic innovation and industry knowledge.

The Hy-Line Brown benefits include superior feed conversion, liveability and egg production.

The eggs have superior shell colour, robustness, size and internal quality.

The Hy-Line Brown also has an excellent temperament making it ideal for both intensive and free-range environments.

Key features of the Hy-Line Brown are:


  • The world’s most balanced egg layer, producing over 350 eggs to 80 weeks, peaking in the high 90s
  • Early laying age with optimum egg size
  • Very economical feed consumption
  • Best interior egg quality in the market.
  • The breed is constantly being improved, with each new Hy-Line generation representing the latest advancements in breeding technology and is bred for a longer, more productive life.


The Hy-Line Brown hen is also ideally suited to free-range applications. The calm temperament, excellent feather retention, robust egg shells and persistent production to 80 weeks make it a perfect choice for free range environments


For more information download our Hy-Line Brown management guide